Trail Day May 2017

What a great opportunity we have to be able to help repair and maintain the trails we use. This time we were able to work on the foothill trail above Timpanogos Park. We repaired eroded trail sections, installed water breaks and even rerouted some trails that were in bad shape and were not going to be able to be recovered. We are adding signs and kiosks to help with informing the public about property owners wishes and building friendships with other user groups. What more could you ask for.

Spring Training 2017 – St George

What an adventure we had. We enjoyed beautiful weather, perfect trail conditions and some really good food. Nothing better than green pancakes, green smoothies and well… bacon of course. We were able to dig deep and remember our skills in cornering, braking and of course the all important attack position. The first trail we worked on and enjoyed was the famous Bearclaw Poppy, a fast, flowy and just plain fun ride, to get our smiles started. Then back to the house for some lunch, a little hydration, and a few games of some double shot hoops. Then off again to explore Church Rocks and a little bit of Prospector. The afternoon sun and warm temps of St George took a toll on our water supplies so back to the house and into the pool.  Dinner and socializing rounded out Day 1.  The next morning we got up, ate a yummy green breakfast, and off to find Jem to enjoy fantastic views, a few Goosebumps, and well just good company. Those that came this year have been grinning from ear to ear ever since. We sure hope you can join us next year for another grand adventure. 

Timpanogos Park – Skills Night

We had a great time working on some skills. We worked on attack position, cornering, braking and even tried out some obstacles.


Wasatch 360 2016 – The Fly Boyz

The 360 course wasn’t too technical, there were spots where you really had to focus and concentrate and make sure you were riding with the correct technique but other than that it wasn’t bad. It had the perfect amount of climbing per lap to where you wouldn’t be dead after the lap but it did make you tired. I was teammates with Bridger and he did a great job, we switched off every lap which gave us between 50 minutes to an hour of rest between laps so we were able to stay rested. We did the best we could and both of us felt very good on how we performed. We were able to do 7 laps in the 6 hours. Between us we rode 73 miles and climbed about 5,000 vertical feet. It was a very fun course and I enjoyed racing on it. My next race is next Saturday at Round Valley. My legs feel ready and am excited to start practicing with my OYCA teammates soon! – Todd Kingsolver