Our Vision

To enable our youth to strengthen body, mind, and character through the lifelong sport of cycling


Practice starts in June and will be 1 day per week with a couple skills days in May. In July we practice twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). In August we add Saturday to our practice week for three practices a week.

Equipment Requirements

  • Mountain Bike, Helmet, Team Jersey and Shorts
  • Spare Tubes, Some way to pump up tire (Pump or Compressed Air) and a way to carry them on your bike
  • Water Bottles and cages on the bike to carry them
  • Helmets are required at all times even if you are just standing over the bike


Team Fees:

  • High School Students (9-12 grade) are $150.00
  • HS Racers are required to have a current Team Jersey and are strongly encouraged to have matching Team Shorts/Bibs $115.00 (options available and described on order portal)
  • Jr Development Students (7-8 grade)  $50.00 (options available and described on order portal)
  • Jr Racers are required to have a current Team Jersey and Shorts/Bibs are optional purchased thru order portal
  • Make payment to Orem Youth Cycling Association (OYCA)
  • PayPal available 
  • Teams Fees due by July 15th 
  • Team Kit Order info Team Kit Ordering

Race Team fee includes:

    • Team Tshirt
    • Meals at races
    • Nutrition at races
    • other goodies (ie Chocolate Milk Awards)

Jr. Devo Race Fee includes:

    • Team T-Shirt
    • Meals at races
    • Nutrition at races
    • other goodies (ie Chocolate Milk Awards)

Non Racing Students

  • $25 Team Fee includes a Team Tshirt and are welcome to purchase Jersey, Shorts or any other Team Gear
  • other goodies (ie Chocolate Milk Awards) 
Arm warmers & Team Wind Jacket are also available but are NOT included in Team fee.

Fees payable directly to NICA

Grades: 9-12

  • $25 NICA Membership fee(for students who want to participate in NICA team practices.)
  • $40 Utah League Race Season fee(must be paid before registering for races)
  • $45 Race fees (per race) There are a total of 5 races in the season.

Junior Development: Grade 7-8

  • $25 NICA Membership fee
  • $40 Utah League fee
  • $45 Race fee (per race) total of 3 races
Scholarships are available to cover most of the League and/or Race costs. Please contact the team director for more information. Applications must be submitted before August 1st.


  • Help find sponsors, the more sponsors we get the better our program will be
  • Recruit more riders – We need GIRLS, so if you know girls who like to ride talk to them about joining the team
  • Attend practices consistently
  • Maintain C average
  • Show up to practice with a good attitude and work hard
  • 5 hours community service (trail maintenance, volunteer at the food bank.)
Team Volunteers

We NEED the following:

  • General Volunteer rider – Parents or anyone really that just likes to ride and help keep track of the Students
  • Ride Leader – Has experience and is willing to lead rides (fast groups or beginner slow groups) You do not have to be an athlete¬Ě to help us here.
  • Sponsor coordination – Finding sponsors, getting logos, and keeping the relationships up
  • Team Party Coordinators
  • Race Day Setup/Tear Down
  • Feed Zone – at the race getting water and nutrition to riders as they pass the feed zone
  • Race Day Pit Zone – coordinating food with food committee and making sure riders are where they are supposed to be
  • Team Parent Coordinator (1 per team needed)
  • Race Day General Volunteers – Help out on the Race Course, we have one race that is considered home field that we need to have a group of volunteers signup with the League.
  • Graphic design help

Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Ride Leaders, & Volunteers:
The League requires a Registration Fee of $25 and a Background Check which is $22.50 and a Free Heads up concussion online training for all adults riding with the team. This help to ensure the safety of our athletes. Please do not let these fees deter you from volunteering. We can always work out the finances. Please talk to one of the coaches if you can help.

Team Rules:
  1. Sportsmanship – Treat others with respect
  2. Helmets – Required any time a leg crosses the bike for both students and adults
  3. Safety – Focus on safety. Risks beyond your ability will not be tolerated
  4. Respect – Give Respect Get Respect
  5. Eligibility & Grades – School first. 2.5 gpa required exceptions need to be presented to Head Coach
  6. Attendance & Participation – No more than 3 unexcused absences. Absence need to be made up.
  7. Service & Volunteering – All riders and families are expected to participate
  8. Practice Groups – Based on skill level and physical condition
  9. Bicycles & Maintenance – Rider responsible for personal Bike Maintenance but we have Bike Maintenance clinics to teach you how to do so.
  10. Injuries – Any injuries or medical conditions need to be cleared with your doctor and reported to your Head Coach


This is where we register with NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling Association). If you are ready to join the team let one of the coaches know and they will send an email invitation with the link to NICA. This is where you will register and fill out all the necessary athlete and parent information. There are a number of online releases and waivers that need to be filled out.

If you have any other questions PLEASE feel free to give us a call and/or email. We love to tell you how much fun this is.